Aiden Tyler and Riley Mitchel


Riley Mitchel is back and he’s here to ring in the New Year with some straight cock! Riley doesn’t have a problem getting laid, he’s here because he likes a challenge and he loves to be someone’s first! Top or bottom, Riley likes it all and he’s horny as hell!

Aiden is this week’s straight guy and he’s one hot stud! He’s tall, dark, and very handsome, plus you’ll fall in love with his sexy accent. Aiden has a girlfriend but she doesn’t know that he’s at a porn studio and that he’s planning on banging another girl! Aiden also has a kinky side. He tells Caruso and Riley that he wanted to fuck his girlfriend in the ass and she agreed to let him do it however, he had to let her peg him in return! At least we know he’s open to new things. Well, at least his ass is!

Date: janeiro 13, 2023

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