Boys Will Be Boys – Daniel Evans, Diego Sans and Evan Knoxx


Daniel & Diego are the couple whose scheduled “date night” is made even more special by go-go boy Evan– who Daniel meets at the big Miami and brings home.

The morning after, Daniel and Evan are going at it again, making out and rock hard—as is Diego sitting nearby watching them. Diego is no cuckold though. He wants in and beckons them over, and in no time, Evan is sucking him and choking on his cock while getting rimmed and fucked by Daniel.

When Diego wants his turn, he gets it and switches places with Daniel, pounding Evan with the same dominant energy. There’s no doubt when Diego takes control, because he guides the action and the intense sexual energy seamlessly without saying a word. He face-fucks Daniel and eats out and fucks Evan, uses Daniel to hold him down, and eats him out too.

Date: agosto 31, 2023

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