Cum to Your Senses – Alpha Wolfe and Drew Valentino


The overwhelming smell of expired sweat and week-old musk coming from Alpha Wolfe’s gym bag is too tempting for Drew Valentino. While doing laundry, Drew grabs one of his roommate’s used jockstraps to inhale its tangy fumes as he begins to touch himself.

Before long, Alpha walks in and catches Drew stroking off his big dick while sniffing his used gym gear. He doesn’t seem to mind Drew’s olfactory interests, though, and quickly joins his roomie to exchange afternoon blowjobs and flip-fuck in the middle of their shared living room.

Then, once both men have successfully pounded out each other’s holes with their hairy bareback cocks, Drew pulls out to cover Alpha’s beard in his creamy ropes.

Date: setembro 15, 2023

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