Dick at the Picnic – Malik Delgaty and Dom King


Malik Delgaty discovers a hole in the bottom of the picnic basket as his girlfriend sets up the birthday picnic she planned for her bestie. Malik is horny, but before he can do anything about it, the other guests arrive. The friend has a new BF in tow, Dom King, and when Malik sticks his dick in the picnic basket, Dom takes a look and eagerly strokes it!

While their GFs play frisbee, the guys try a different game as Dom sucks Malik, then brings him to the car where he rims him and bends Malik over the seat to fuck his hole! Malik takes Dom’s dick in missionary, then rides him. The top cums on Malik’s ass, and Malik cums in Dom’s mouth before the guys go back to their GFs.

Date: novembro 24, 2023

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