Dirty Cop – Colton Reece and Harrison Todd


Harrison Todd gets so horny while driving, he just has to start stroking himself… but then he gets pulled over for driving erratically! When his glove compartment is full of dildos instead of his license and registration, officer Colton Reece brings him back to the station.

Colton grills Harrison about his extensive rap sheet for indecent exposure, then tells the twink to try getting naked in the police station, which makes Harrison super hard. The dirty cop shows the law-flouting twink who’s boss as he fucks him on his desk doggystyle and missionary, and he pulls out and cums on Harrison, then chokes the twink while the bottom jacks off and orgasms.

But he shouldn’t have left the scofflaw alone with his computer…

Date: janeiro 22, 2024

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