Dirty Cop – Dom King and Joey Mills


Officer Joey Mills got caught on tape sneaking into the evidence locker to jack off while sniffing boxers, then cumming all over them, and police chief Dom King won’t stand for it! He makes Joey turn in his gun and badge, and also his complete uniform, including his boxer shorts, but Joey comes back into the office in time to catch the chief committing the same crime.

Joey sucks Chief King, and Dom rims the disgraced constable, then gives him his nightstick on the desk. The chief pounds Joey in missionary and hoists him up for a stand and carry, then the twink rides him and cums on Dom’s chest.

Not even taking a facial from the chief can get Joey his job back, but at least the dirty cop got a good fuck.

Date: janeiro 8, 2024
Actors: Dom King / Joey Mills

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