Dominated Gay Cuckolds – Sir Peter, Tomas Brand, Valentin Amour and Rudy Gram


Sometimes a bossy bottom is the far more dominant guy in a gay relationship, and his top is just there to take care of his needs. That’s what’s going on in the gay cuckold fantasy scenario between Valentin Amour and Rudy Gram.

Valentin is a controlling “hot guy” (the gay equivalent of a hot wife in a straight cuckold relationship) and Rudy Gram does everything he can to keep his boyfriend happy. But Valentin keeps pushing his wants further and further, and before he knows it Rudy finds himself in the position of a gay cuckold.

One evening on the lanai, Valentin consummates this new kind of relationship with the bulls Sir Peter and Tomas Brand. They take turns on his throat and ass. All the while, Rudy Gram sits on watching and watching alone.

Because it’s gay cuckoldry Valentin Amour wants; all Rudy Gram can do witness the action while Tomas Brand and Sir Peter breed the bottom full of seed!

Date: maio 21, 2022

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