For You, I Will – Blain O’Connor, Jay Tee and Roman Todd


Wyatt (Carter Woods) has lusted after Cory (Dante Colle) from afar, but when Wyatt and his best friend Sloane Flint (Ana Foxxx) come face-to-face with Cory and his wife Amaya Potts (Maddy May), Wyatt’s desire grows. Now, they’re going to hang out. Could Wyatt really have a chance to make his fantasies a reality? After all, Amaya’s still very much in the picture.

When Wyatt follows Cory to a bathhouse, he sees just how much Cory wants to get away from his life (and his wife). Wyatt loses track of Cory in the bathhouse but sets his sights on a triple fuckfest between three hot men (Jay Tee, Blain O’Connor and Roman Todd). A welcome distraction.

Date: setembro 1, 2023

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