Freshman Fuck – Christian Wilde and Asher Day


Asher Day, a college student, is always getting teased and bullied by his jock roommate, Jay Tee. One day, Jay grabs Asher’s phone and holds it away from him, then tosses it under a bed. When Asher bends over to get the phone back, Jay gives him a wedgie. So mean!

Just then, Jay’s parents Aaliyah Love and Christian Wilde drop by for a visit. While Aaliyah helps Jay to unpack the groceries she brought for him, Christian ends up getting an eyeful of Asher, who is still bent over with his ass partially exposed. This gives Asher a chance for the ultimate retaliation prank… seducing Christian to finally get back at Jay for a semester’s worth of teasing!

Date: abril 13, 2023

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