He Likes It When I Watch – Drake Von, Cristiano and Aften Opal


Cristiano hears the unmistakable sounds of his hot roommate, Drake Von, fucking his girlfriend, and sneaks closer for a peek. Aften Opal doesn’t even notice her BF’s roommate watching and jacking off as she gets fucked… until Cristiano creeps close enough to lick Drake’s hole.

She storms out, but as she hears Drake and his roommate hooking up, she spies on her man fucking Cristiano, and soon it’s her turn to sneakily touch herself!

She crawls into position so Drake can fuck her doggystyle as he sucks Cristiano. When Cristiano notices that it’s now a threesome, Aften and Drake get competitive about who can suck his cock better, and the lucky roommate ends up with Drake’s cock in his hole as Aften rides his dick before Aften takes two loads on her tits.

Date: março 22, 2023

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