I Spy My Big Boss – Dakota Payne, Zario Travezz and Jkab Ethan Dale


Jkab Ethan Dale has the hots for his boss, Dakota Payne, but can never find the right time to make a move on him. Not to mention that hitting on coworkers is highly unacceptable behavior in the workplace… Luckily for Jkbab, however, he’s just gotten his hands on some x-ray goggles!

Jkab puts on the goggles and starts checking Dakota out, seeing right through his suit! But when Jkab looks down at Dakota’s muscular cheeks, he notices a purple butt plug poking out of his tight asshole. And when the butt plug’s remote falls out of Dakota’s pants, Jkab can’t resist picking it up and turning the vibrator settings up to MAX!

Dakota soon discovers what Jkab’s up to, and decides to teach him a lesson with some good ol’ fashioned hanky panky. And when Jkab’s coworker, Zario Travezz, catches wind of their naughtiness, he just HAS to join in too! They have a raunchy threesome, with the two employees doing everything they can to satisfy their big boss.

Date: maio 17, 2024

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