I’m Following You – Greg Riley and Cole Connor


Armed with top-secret intel regarding The Swords, wannabe adult superstar Greg Riley confronts Cole Connor in hopes that he can use this classified info to advance his porn career. Reluctant at first, Cole eventually agrees to Greg’s terms and immediately begins Greg’s porn star training by sucking his big dick right there on the beaches of Fire Island.

Once they escape the bright sun, Cole continues his Porn Star 101 crash course by directing an imaginary flip-fuck scene starring himself and Greg.

Greg drills his tongue, fingers, and bareback cock into Cole’s hole. Cole then gets to see how well Greg is at bottoming as he pumps his own meat into Greg’s mouth and hole all while giving the hopeful star tips on his positioning.

After busting his nut from riding Cole, Greg, per the award-winning porn star’s instruction, drops down to suck Cole’s rod and the warm load rushing from his balls.

Date: maio 12, 2023

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