Kiss Me Fuck Me My New Neighbor – Eric Charming and Max Lorde


Max Lorde has just moved into the city when he’s greeted by Eric Charming, his new neighbor. They immediately hit it off and Max admits that the big city is a bit lonely since it’s hard to meet new people. Eric warmly invites Max to hang out with him sometime since he’s just next door and they soon part ways.

A few days later, Max visits Eric. As they hang out, they start to chat. Little sparks happen between them as they ask probing questions to feel each other out. It’s soon revealed that Max just got out of a relationship and is looking for a new beginning. Meanwhile, Eric’s been single for some time and is also feeling a little lonely in the big city.

Of course, now that they each know that they’re BOTH single and lonely, that’s when sparks really fly!”

Date: maio 25, 2023

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