Moonshine Melonballer – Jack Waters and Asher Day


Cousin Asher just may have bit off more than his ass can chew. He wanted to make something fancy for the big potluck dinner we’re having, so he went and picked himself a watermelon from the farm down the way (don’t worry, they won’t notice) and then decided to make some of them Moonshine Melonballs. Only problem is that to get the moonshine, he went into Uncle Drew’s stash and.. that night not end well. No matter, though. Right now he’s teaching cousin Jack how to make them Mellonballs and while they’re at it they decide to fuck one of ’em because what ELSE are you gonna do with an extra watermelon? Anyway… before long Jack got hisself balls deep up in Asher’s hole and then they keep fucking good and hard until they both blow big loads RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME.

Date: novembro 4, 2023

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