No Rubber – Eric Lenn and Nico Vegas


I try to help my stepson grow into a respectful and responsible man. So when Nico came to me with a condom and wanted help learning how to put it on, I was right there. Even though we don’t use them when we fuck, it’s good that he knows how to protect himself. But putting a condom on his hard dick made me hard as well. After instructing him, I stripped down and gave Nico my big dick to suck. He loves servicing daddy. He removed the condom, and I swallowed his cock before flipping him on his side and sliding my raw hard meat inside his tight hole. Nico loved it and stroked himself as I ripped into his pretty ass. All that fucking got him so excited that he shot his load with me deep inside him. I pulled out and jizzed on his stomach.

Date: janeiro 22, 2023
Actors: Eric Lenn / Nico Vegas

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