Overdrive – Derek Kage and Paul Wagner


Fresh off an expensive, fuck-filled vacation in Spain, Paul Wagner is eager to get out of the airport and into the comfort of his own home. After using the ‘Let It Ride’ rideshare app to call a car, though, he quickly learns that unhinged driver Derek Kage has some alternative plans for him.

Without warning, Derek turns sharply into an abandoned garage where Paul — against his own better judgment — agrees to a flip-fuck with the alarmingly intense and unstable motorist.

Soon, Derek’s tongue, fingers, and bareback cock are going in on Paul’s hairy hole as the penetrated passenger leans his exposed body against Derek’s car. Now occupying the open trunk of his SUV, Derek takes a ride on Paul’s big dick and gets fucked from behind until both men are covering each other in their loads.

After, all that’s left is for Paul to be driven home and realize the hard way that this psychotic stranger not only knows his phone number but also where he lives.

Date: setembro 29, 2023

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