Ride A Cowboy – Calvin Banks and Tyler Tanner


Calvin Banks is tinkering in the garage. Tyler Tanner strolls in, wearing a Stetson, jeans (holes in the knees, of course), and a Wrangler T-shirt. “You excited for the rodeo this weekend,” Calvin wonders. “I’m a little nervous,” Tyler confesses. “I’m supposed to be riding this bull but I’ve never ridden anything before.” “How can I help you with that,” Calvin says. “I was hoping you could help me practice,” Tyler answers. “I could maybe ride you.” Cowboys know how to fix problems! Calvin is willing to do what he can. The two studs make out. “I’ll take this for a ride,” Calvin says, slapping Tyler’s ass. “I wish you would,” the cowboy whispers. “Be your little cowgirl.” Tyler gets on his knees. When he pulls Calvin’s cock out, it’s plump and ready to play. The cowboy swallows. Or at least tries to. “You better get it wet before you can ride it,” Calvin advises.

Date: novembro 24, 2022

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