Sucked and Drained – Doryann Marguet and Papi Kocic


Papi Kocic has put lots of effort into his sexy vampire costume for his Halloween party, and most of his guests have been just as serious about dressing up… except for bottom Doryann Marguet, who shows up in nothing but his birthday suit.

The other tops shut the door in his face, but Papi thinks Doryann would be perfect for sucking, so he invites him inside. The tops watch, confused, when their host doesn’t appear in the mirror as Doryann blows him!

Papi pulls the bottom away for some privacy as he pounds his hole doggystyle and missionary on the dining table. Papi makes sure there’s plenty of sucking too before the bottom rides his dick. He drains Doryann of his cum before filling his hole with a Halloween treat.

Date: outubro 28, 2022

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