Summa Cum Load – Ashton Summers, Kyle Fletcher and Cristiano


Cristiano shows new pledge Ashton Summers around the Summa Cum Load house, the best frat at MEN U. When he gets a call, he leaves Ashton to poke around on his own, and the freshman wanders into Kyle Fletcher’s room and watches him get undressed. Kyle is very welcoming and even agrees to suck Ashton!

Cristiano comes back and soon is stripping off to join in the threesome by fucking Kyle’s hole. Cristiano sucks the others’ cocks, and then it’s Ashton’s turn to try Kyle’s hole while Kyle sucks Cristiano.

Kyle cums and asks for more, then sucks Cristiano as the curly-haired twink rides Ashton’s cock. Kyle fucks Cristiano who swallows Ashton’s cock, and Cristiano eagerly takes two hot loads on his face as he strokes himself till he orgasms.

Date: janeiro 26, 2024

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