Summa Cum Load – Uncut


MEN U freshman Ashton Summers is planning to pledge the Summa Cum Load frat, and he gets a warm welcome on his first visit: a threesome with frat brothers Cristiano and Kyle Fletcher! SCL is full of horny guys who love to fuck, like Michael Vente who’s hooked up with Dom King before and wants more, stealing a taste of his dick behind Dom’s GF’s back. Cristiano and pledge master Trevor Brooks plan a special initiation for Ashton, pulling him out of bed in the middle of the night for a ceremony where Ashton is asked to lick whipped cream off them and then take their cocks. He’s thrilled to finally be a member, but unfortunately, the administration might be trying to shut Summa Cum Load down! The dean of MEN U sends security guard Dillon Diaz to check out accusations of hazing… but Kyle Fletcher shows Dillon that SCL is all about good, clean–and dirty–fun. Ashton’s fitting right in at the frat and figuring out how to fit as many cocks in his hole as he can, like when he sees Trevor and Michael going at it and schemes to steal the top for himself. Of course, SCL is all about sharing, so it turns into a hot threesome. Although Ashton loves it at the Summa Cum Load house, his dad Killian Knox is worried about what he’s heard and tries to tell him to quit. Luckily, Kyle shows the daddy what frat life is all about: cumming!

Date: março 1, 2024

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