Summer Flings – Devin Franco and Oliver Marks


Trainer Devin Franco is teaching Oliver Marks a thing or two about doing squats properly. The best way to learn, though? In a practical circumstance. The two begin kissing outdoors before Devin kneels to suck Oliver’s massive dick. Soon, Oliver is bending over so Devin can bury his face inside the blonde’s bubble butt until Devin is ready to move into his bedroom.

There, Oliver gives Devin’s cock another tongue bath before Devin runs his mouth over Oliver’s pucker again. With Oliver already bent over the bed, Devin shoves his big dick into Oliver’s tight slit before Devin gets on his back so Oliver can ride him.

Next, it’s Devin’s turn to get on all-fours so Oliver can give his trainer a taste of his own medicine. Devin just can’t stay out of his client’s hole, however, and soon has Oliver on his back so he can ram his meat into Oliver’s open asshole.

Oliver shoots some heavy ropes of cum onto his stomach before Devin flips onto his back so Oliver can jerk him to an explosive finish.

Date: outubro 13, 2023

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