The Thirst – Malik Delgaty, Austin Wolf and Damian Night


In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Malik Delgaty wanders the once-verdant desert searching for something more precious than gold: water. After drinking the last dregs from his canteen, he sees a tent and drags himself closer.

Inside, Austin Wolf and Damian Night have water, but no food, but Damian wants the precious source of calories in Austin’s balls!

Malik watches, touching himself, as Damian sucks the top’s cock. Austin rims him, then fucks the bottom doggystyle. The secret watcher jacks his dick as he watches the submissive bottom ride the top and get fucked till both orgasm, but as Malik is plotting how he can get his hands on some of their water, he gets a surprise…

Date: maio 24, 2024

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