Troye Jacobs and Jack Valor Fourway Fuckfest – Colby Chambers, Jack Valor, Mickey Knox and Troye Jacobs


Colby Chambers rubbing Jack Valor’s sweet rump. As for Jack, his mouth is filled with Colby’s stiff staff. Colby’s boo, Mickey Knox, joins the studio sofa, offering his mouth as a portal for Colby’s rod. “I thought we were going to pair off, but everyone sucking my dick works too,” Colby jokes. Troye Jacobs joins the fun, placing romantic kisses on Jack’s lips. Troye hits his knees, offering Jack oral love. Colby wonders if they can do a chain: Troye servicing Jack. Jack handling Colby. And Colby blowing Mickey. The chain is linked. It’s broken up so Jack’s backside can get rimmed by Mickey. Colby does the same to Troye.

Date: fevereiro 2, 2023

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