Uhh, I’ve Never Rubbed A Dude Before… – Dalton Hyde and Drew Dixon


Drew Dixon and Dalton Hyde have just completed their massage training and are getting their massage room ready for tomorrow’s clients. They’re super pumped, specifically since they’ll be able to massage a whole bunch of hot chicks (and hopefully get laid). But when they take a look at the client list for tomorrow, they are shocked to see that there’s a bunch of DUDES on the list too! Oh man, does this mean they’re going to have to massage GUYS?! No way… It can’t be!

They realize that since they’ve never rubbed down a dude before, they may as well get in a bit of practice so that they don’t seem like a couple of dweebs when the clients arrive tomorrow. After exchanging a bunch of excuses, they take turns massaging each other on the table, stripping down to nothing in the process. What they never expected, however, was that they’d get boners in the process… Oh well, if they’re going to practice rubbing dudes, they may as well practice giving happy endings as well!

Date: junho 10, 2024

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