Undercover Boners – Jake Preston and Harrison Todd


Twink Harrison Todd is chilling on the couch when he starts getting horny. He watches himself in the mirror as he undresses, stroking his bulge, and the tall cutie likes what he sees. His boyfriend, Jake Preston, gets hard when he comes in and sees Harrison, quietly touching himself as he watches.

Harrison calls Jake over and gives him a purple pair of briefs to try on, and they look so good, Harrison cums in his pants! Jake bends the bottom over to fuck him doggystyle. Harrison chokes on his BF’s cock, then rides it, and Jake fucks him in spoon and piledriver.

The bottom orgasms as he gets drilled on his back, his cum dripping into his thick bush, then Jake shoots his load on Harrison’s hairy ass.

Date: setembro 29, 2023

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