Unlock My Chastity Cage – Braxton Cruz and Dane Jaxson


Dane Jaxson thought he had the place to himself, so he decided to indulge in some solo time, using a vibe on his hole and his balls while wearing his cock cage. His roommate’s BF Braxton comes in unexpectedly and gets horny watching Dane’s ahegao faces and seeing how much precum he’s dripping… so he just has to come suck it off Dane’s finger.

The bottom is shocked, but tells Braxton he better fuck him. Dane swallows the top’s big cock, then sucks his toe while Braxton fingers his ass, and the sub is all too eager to take that toe in his hole! They have some fun with a dildo before Braxton pounds the sub in doggystyle. Dane rides the top, then asks for his load as he gets fucked missionary, and finally gets permission to cum.

Date: fevereiro 7, 2024

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