Viktor Rom bangs Javi Gray


As a videographer and an online content creator, Viktor Rom knows what his fans are looking for and he devotes all of his time to deliver the perfect product for his viewers. For his latest collab with Javi Gray, Viktor is making sure that the camera gets every angle of this bearded stud as he sucks off his uncut cock and opens up his tight hole for Viktor.

The professional fuckers get multiple shots of his oversized dick entering Javi’s ass before he has the bottom throws himself on the counter to get eaten out and fucked some more. With a camera in hand, the beefy top thrusts his entire cock in and out of Javi as the hairy bottom moans and jerks himself off at every bareback thrust.

Now in bed, Viktor uses his full power to pound Javi until cum is pouring out of both their dicks with the camera coming in one last time to get a clear shot of the men’s creamy mess.

Date: abril 27, 2023
Actors: Javi Gray / Viktor Rom

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