Worshiping an Alpha – Kyler Drayke and Jack Hunter


A hyper-straight man, Kyler Drayke, is working out when there’s a knock at the door. Kyler answers the door and lets his gay friend, Jack Hunter, into the house. It’s obvious that there’s a skewed power dynamic between them, with Kyler being a confident alpha male while Jack is more quiet and submissive.

As they chat, it’s revealed that Jack is picking up Kyler and they’re about to go grab dinner with other friends, but Kyler just wants to finish his sets before heading out. He invites Jack to sit back, insisting it’ll only be a few minutes. Jack obliges, almost with a level of obedient submission at being told to sit, and waits, checking his watch once or twice partly out of nervousness about the time… but also partly to play coy and not seem like he’s staring…

Kyler eventually catches Jack staring as he works out. Kyler smirks and obviously likes being admired as he calls Jack out as he continues to exercise and flex his muscles. Although Jack meekly tries to deny his attraction, Kyler keeps egging Jack on, taunting Jack about admiring his physique — including his cock.

The more Jack tries to shy away, the more assertive Kyler gets, knowing he has Jack right where he wants him. You see, Kyler KNOWS people admire him — guys, girls, it doesn’t matter to him because all that attention does wonders for his ego. But Kyler’s feeling generous that day, so Jack is about to finally have his secret desires fulfilled…

Date: novembro 14, 2023

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