Alpha Wolfe and Des Irez – Daddy’s Boy – A Gooner Like His Stepdad


Alpha Wolfe is taking care of the laundry when he accidentally sees his stepson, Des Irez, masturbating while looking at porn on a computer. Des is super embarrassed that he got caught in the act, but Alpha tries to assure him it’s not a big deal. Des admits that he’s what some people call a ‘gooner’ – someone who is VERY into porn. Wanting to reassure Des, Alpha confesses that he used to be REALLY into watching porn as well.

As the discussion continues, Alpha’s old porn obsession comes back to the surface. He says that maybe the two of them can watch porn together… it might help them to bond, right? Des wasn’t expecting to hear that, but he decides to go along with the idea.

They make themselves comfortable and watch some sizzling hot porn scenes together, which then leads to them jerking off side-by-side. But eventually, they feel a growing hunger for more… much, MUCH more. If watching porn and masturbating together makes them feel THIS good, then having sex with each other is sure to make them feel even BETTER!

Date: dezembro 5, 2023
Actors: Alpha Wolfe / Des Irez

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