I’m Following You – Jordan Starr and Nick Cranston


Jordan Starr knows something is seriously off when all his friends fail to show up for his scheduled dinner. Officer Nick Cranston doesn’t seem to be worried, though. Instead of searching for the missing men all over Fire Island, the uniformed muscleman decides to spend his time on much more pressing matters – chowing down on Jordan’s smooth fuck slit.

After getting eaten out, Jordan satisfies his taste for the beefy cop as he sucks off Nick before taking his thick bareback cock for a joyride.

Once Nick pulls out, the two to 69 on the dining room table, and Nick opens his own hole for Jordan to dick down. Jordan thrusts himself between the officer’s thick thighs until Nick is shooting cum all over his body and swaps positions with his flipfucking partner to suck the cum out of Jordan’s dick.

Date: novembro 8, 2023

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