Packing Some Morning Wood There, Buddy? – Roman Todd and Michael Boston


Michael Boston and Roman Todd are two good friends who had a little slumber party last night. When they open their eyes this morning, however, they’re surprised to see that they’re not exactly ALONE in Michael’s bedroom – they each have a raging case of morning wood!

Seems like they both had some WILD dreams last night. Michael notices Roman’s first since his blanket is lowered at the waist. Roman’s massive erection is barely contained by his pastel-blue boxers, and he quickly pulls his covers back over it to save Michael any awkwardness.

But Roman’s not alone… it seems like Michael has an erection as well. They start casually rubbing their crotches, trying to see if their erections will go away on their own. But it soon becomes clear that they’re much too horny for this to happen. They’re stuck in the same boat, and their ‘paddles’ are demanding a TIGHT grip. They both have school today, so they need to get rid of this wood quickly, or else they risk becoming the laughingstock of their grade. But what can they do?

They decide to stroke themselves under their blankets, clarifying with each other that as long as they don’t see it, it’s totally cool. But they soon realize that it’s way too hot under the covers- their junk needs some air! They tear off their blankets, exposing the full girth of their raging boners to each other.

They masturbate side-by-side, making sure to keep their eyes glued ahead of them to prevent any further awkwardness. Soon enough, however, they just can’t ignore each other’s tantalizing dick and decide to ‘give each other a hand’. They have playful sex together on the bed, doing the best they can to put their morning wood to rest.

Date: março 31, 2023

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