Summa Cum Load – Ashton Summers, Michael Vente and Trevor Brooks


Ashton Summers is chilling on the couch at the Summa Cum Load house when he finds a dildo and decides to use it. But just as he’s about to fuck himself, Michael Vente and Trevor Brooks stumble in, making out and ready to fuck.

Ashton tells them to get a room and peeks in at them as Trevor pounds Michael on the bed, getting a naughty idea. He yells that Michael’s car is being towed, and then sneaks in to take the bottom’s place, covering his face with a pillow. His plan goes off without a hitch as Trevor comes back and starts fucking his hole!

When his ruse is discovered, Trevor assures the bottoms there’s plenty of dick to go around, and these frat bros enjoy a hot threesome as first Ashton and Michael share Trevor’s cock, then Trevor and Ashton take turns using Michael’s hole and they even form a train with Ashton in the middle before the guys cum.

Date: fevereiro 25, 2024

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