Summer Flings – Jordan Starr, Kane Fox and Kyle Fletcher


Back at the Falcon Surf Shop, Kane Fox is secretly licking Kyle Fletcher’s hole behind the cash register when customer Jordan Starr pops in to buy a t-shirt. Once Jordan realizes what’s actually going on, he bends Kyle over a display table so he can have his own taste of Kyle’s hole.

It’s not long until everyone is undressed and exploring each other’s bodies. Kyle slurps down Kane’s beautiful cock while Jordan continues to finger and rim Kyle’s hole until, of course, Jordan decides to push his big dick into Kyle. It’s a glorious spit-roast as Kyle gets filled in both holes simultaneously.

Kane and Jordan then switch places so Kyle can clean off Jordan’s dick with his tongue and Kane can see what it feels like to have work buddy Kyle’s tight asshole clench around his rod.

Next, when Kyle flips onto his back, Jordan plunges back inside him while Kane grinds his asshole into Kyle’s face. Jordan then lies back on the table so Kyle can squat onto his dick before Jordan cums inside Kyle’s ass. After Kane eats the jizz dripping from Kyle’s hole, Jordan pushes back into Kyle until he cums all over his chest. Finally, Kane jerks himself off until he explodes across Jordan’s face.

Date: outubro 21, 2023

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