Under The Influencer – Devin Franco, Zario Travezz and Evan Knoxx


“What’s better than makeup sex? A breakup threeway! Well, at least according to the newly single Evan Knoxx. Moments after getting dumped by his boyfriend, the horny influencer is already filming his next piece of content by dropping to his knees and blowing Devin Franco and Zario Travezz.

After throwing his legs back and presenting his new friends with a hole to rim, Evan finds himself getting stuffed with a hard cock at both ends. Horny enough to bareback two hungry holes, Devin then has Zario stack his ass on top of Evan’s, so he can easily drill both of their holes.

A few more thrusts has the muscle top fucking the cum out of both Zario and Evan with Devin pulling out shortly after to cover Evan in his own hot load.

Date: junho 19, 2022

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